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 Potential Supplier Registration


Potential suppliers may contact us to indicate their interest in doing business with Meritor. Our buyers may then contact your company when or if a bid comes available.

To do this please complete the below form:

Thank you for visiting

We'd like to hear from you. Please fill out the form below to ensure your inquiry is directed to the appropriate group. 

General Information
Company Name DUNS Number
Primary Contact Name Primary Contact Email
Street City
State/Province Zip Code
Phone Number Fax Number
Website Company Ownership
Quality and Minority Information
SI. No. Quality Certification Type Original Certification Date Last Recertfication Date
Certified Minority Supplier? Minority Classification Number
Is Your Company Women Owned?
Current Meritor Business?              Site/Location
Type of Business Manufacturing Country
Mfg High/Low Volume Product Total Facility Size in Square Feet
What % Is Utilized Capacity? Warehouse Location?
Sales Representation Location Primary Product and Services
Commodity Group No. of Employees
Top 3 Customers     
Total Annual Sales in $US % of Sales in Automotive
Commercial Terms
Payment Terms FOB?
Currency Warranty Program?
Current Consigned Inventory Terms?
Reverse Engineering Capabilities?
Geographical Information
Geographic locations Serving # of Years Able to serve
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