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 Supplier Performance


Welcome to the Meritor Supplier Performance Rating (SPR) section. This allows an Meritor supplier to generate their performance reports for the following metrics:

  • Complaints PPM
  • Complaint rate
  • Delivery

Meritor suppliers are required to review their performance on the SPR Website on a monthly basis and are strongly encouraged to use the data to drive performance improvement. Suppliers should also report any errors in the data to the appropriate Meritor plant so it can be corrected. This is important since the SPR system is utilized by Procurement when determining placement of new business.


 Registered Users Log-in


Please note that authentication is required - you must have a valid user account to access this web application. Registered users may proceed directly to the secured Login Page.


Please note that the Supplier Performance Rating is only for current Meritor suppliers. If you are a potential supplier, please visit the Potential Supplier Registration page.


 New User Account Registration Instructions


Please note that suppliers with more than one site that supplies Meritor will need to complete the Registration process to obtain a New User Account for each supplying site.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Meritor suppliers must first have a Dunn & Bradstreet DUNS Number for the site that they want to register for SPR. To obtain a DUNS Number, suppliers must first register with Dunn & Bradstreet. This registration is free of charge and can be done at and following the link under D&B Resources titled “Get a D&B D-U-N-S Number”.
  • The supplier site being registered must begin shipping production product to Meritor before they register for SPR.
  • Use the supplying sites address and DUNS Number for the site you want to register for SPR.
  • The person registering a particular supplier’s site must also know all of the Meritor plants that their site supplies and their corresponding vendor. (Refer to the Meritor Purchase Order(s) for the vendor code from each Meritor plant).

When this is completed, Click Here to register for a new user account.