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Welcome to the E-Commerce section of our Supplier pages. Here you can find details of our Supply Chain Systems Documentation as well as access to our External FTP and Solid Model Download sites. We begin however with an introduction to our iSupplier portal.

You can log in to our iSupplier portal below:

North America

Aftermarket NA
Aftermarket EU

South America

The iSupplier portal is an Internet-based Web portal that provides Meritor’s supply base with real-time visibility to the Oracle Production environment. Through a simple Internet login, a supplier is given visibility to:

  • Purchase orders
  • Releases
  • Receipts
  • Operational information
  • Invoices
  • Payments

Additionally, the portal provides interactive capabilities allowing suppliers to create Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs).

The iSupplier Portal was designed for “zero training.” Navigation and use should be self-explanatory. The portal has an enhanced user interface, which allows first-time and untrained users to easily access information. For example, the portal offers immediate access to all purchase-to-pay processes directly from the home page.

Meritor will register suppliers to use the portal. The supplier will receive an e-mail from ‘Workflow Mailer’ containing a link to the portal, along with their user ID and password. After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to change your password. Make sure the new password is a combination of letters and numbers, at least six characters long and does not contain repeating characters. Passwords cannot be reused within a 365-day period and cannot be the same as the user ID.

Although navigation and use of the iSupplier portal is designed to be self-explanatory, questions may arise. If so, please contact your Meritor representative, a planner at one of the manufacturing facilities, or a buyer at World Headquarters in Troy, Michigan, USA or Cameri, Italy, Europe.

Our downloadable iSupplier Instructions are a quick and easy way to help you view, accept and print purchase orders and releases. Details and instructions on using other portal features are available in the portal from the Help quick link.

CVS Supplier Portal Information (iSupplier):


 Supply Chain Systems Documentation


Below is a repository of documentation for our EDI Specifications, Label Specifications (by Meritor Plant), and User Documentation for the applications.

  • Meritor Supplier EDI Questionnaire - The first step for a new supplier to establish EDI connectivity with Meritor is to complete the Supplier EDI Questionnaire. Additional instructions are provided within the document. Please complete and return per these instructions.
  • Meritor Business Process Guide (BPG) - Use this document to assist you in interpreting the supplier EDI specifications.
  • Meritor 810 v4010 - 810 Invoice for Non-ERS Suppliers, version 004010, for CVS Division
  • Meritor 830 v2002 - 830 Planning Release, version 002002, for CVS Division
  • Meritor 850 - 850 Purchase Order, version 004010, for CVS Division
  • Meritor 856 v4010 - 856 Advance Shipping Notice, version 004010, for CVS Division

 Meritor Transportation Management System


The Meritor Transportation Management System (TMS) arranges, coordinates and manages over 700 shipments daily in North America and over 100 daily in Europe. For every shipment that is paid for by Meritor, the TMS selects the transportation provider best suited, both from a cost and from a service perspective. The TMS is used by Meritor plants and logistics coordinators, as well as by material suppliers and transportation service providers.


 Meritor External FTP Site

For access to our large file exchange service please enter your username and password below.


Please note that access is restricted to approved users only - To register for a user account please visit our External FTP Registration page.


 Meritor Solid Model Download


Using this application, you can access Meritor solid model files in any of four formats. Accessing the files online streamlines engineering development, eliminating costly delays.

Solid Models can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • Pro-E
  • Catia
  • STEP
  • UG

For access to this site, please enter your username and password below:


Please note that access is restricted to approved users only. To register for a user account, please visit our Solid Model Registration page.