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 How to Work with Meritor Accounts Payable


Welcome to the Accounts Payable section of our Supplier pages. Here you will find details about our invoice requirements and contact information.

Required Information

All invoices must contain a valid PO number, packing slip/waybill, ship-to location, remit-to address, currency and other standard invoice information. Invoices with missing or invalid information could be rejected or payment delayed.

Payment Inquiries

For invoice and payment inquiries, go to this website and follow these steps:

  • Create an ID and password if not previously registered
  • Submit an inquiry under the appropriate category
  • Always submit a copy of the invoice and signed proof of delivery

To Submit Invoices

When submitting invoices by email, choose only one address based on the ship-to location. Do not send an invoice to multiple email addresses. Submit invoices in PDF format only, with only one invoice per PDF; other file types and zip files of invoices are not accepted. Please email invoices to the following locations:

Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Brampton, Canada,
Cameri, Italy,
Cwmbran, South Wales,
Lindesberg, Sweden,
Monterrey, Mexico:

Plainfield, Indiana and Florence, Kentucky (productive only),
U.S. plants (excluding Plainfield and Florence productive),
Zurich, Switzerland,

Useful Contact Information and Links

Send remit-to, banking, address and W9 and W8 changes and updates to

iSupplier Portal

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for enrollment and troubleshooting,

For pricing issues, contact your buyer.