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Running an on-highway truck operation is tough work. The competition is fierce. Margins are razor thin. Every drop of fuel is important. You need components that can take whatever comes down the road. Day in and day out, year after year. We’re here to help.

To keep your business moving forward, Meritor is focused on designing, manufacturing and delivering solutions that are miles ahead. As the world’s largest independent manufacturer of commercial truck axles for a broad range of vehicle applications, Meritor delivers the performance, reliability and efficiency to meet tough demands.

In North America, Meritor supplies drivetrain systems and components including axles, drivelines, braking and suspension systems for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. In each case we aim to anticipate customers needs by developing innovative products that provide superior performance, energy efficiency and reliability.


 Front Non-Drive Axles


Meritor is the trucking industry’s leading supplier of front non-drive axles. Our lightweight, robust truck axles fit a variety of wheel base lengths and can be customized for linehaul as well as general, heavy and restricted service applications.



 Front Drive Axles


Fleets rely on the mobility of their vehicles to give them the performance edge their operations demand. Meritor® front drive axles enhance mobility through superior materials that offer greater strength at lighter weights for increased payloads and higher operating efficiencies.



 Single Rear Drive Axles


Meritor’s wide range of single rear drive axles can be customized to specific fleet needs for fuel economy, greater torque or maximum traction. Matched gearing and axle shaft designs deliver cost-effective, dependable operation. High-strength materials and precision-forged differential gears offer maximum strength and shock resistance to deliver performance and durability across many different applications.



 Tandem Rear Drive Axles


Meritor offers a full range of tandem rear drive axles from 34,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. gross axle weight rating. Meritor tandem axles are built to handle the heavy loads while helping to reduce maintenance and operating costs. Meritor offers the widest selection of axle ratios with the availability of fast ratios for better fuel economy.



 Tridem Rear Drive Axles


Meritor tridem rear drive axles for vocational applications are designed to keep fleets moving in the harshest environments. They are ideal for applications requiring more traction than conventional tandem-axle applications, with the ability to distribute an equal load weight across its three axles at all times to offer more stability.



 Drum Brakes


Meritor drum brakes for truck and trailer linehaul and vocational applications are built to deliver consistent performance and stopping distance gaps similar to air disc brakes while also reducing maintenance costs
and downtime.



 Disc Brakes


Meritor air disc brakes for truck and trailer linehaul and vocational applications deliver superior stopping distance and reduce maintenance downtime. Engineered for faster pad changes and reduced brake inspection time, the internal mechanism is sealed for life and does not require periodic manual adjustment or lubrication.



 Quadraulic Disc Brakes


Meritor Quadraulic hydraulic disc brakes for medium-duty truck and bus applications deliver better stopping performance and reduced downtime.



 Wheel Ends


Meritor’s wheel end solutions – including hubs, brake drums and hub assemblies – meet or exceed OEM specifications for heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles. Our products are engineered with materials that reduce weight without ever sacrificing strength and durability.



 Automatic Slack Adjusters


Meritor automatic slack adjusters for on-highway, linehaul and vocational applications deliver shorter stopping distances and offer longer lining life. It is the industry’s only ASA that adjusts on chamber stroke and reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the need for frequent under-the-truck brake adjustments.





Meritor drivelines are permanently lubricated and sealed to reduce maintenance on trucks that place high torque demands on drivetrains. Designed to accommodate heavy service and downspeeding, the drivelines fit a wide range of torque capacities.