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 Transfer Cases


Meritor military specification transfer cases provide optimum vehicle mobility and excellent durability, and can be used in any variation of wheeled and combat vehicles, and heavily armored personnel carriers, from 4x4 to 6x6 or 8x8 configurations.

Meritor transfer cases are also prominently featured in the U.S. Army Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, several Mine Resistant Ambush Protected applications, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and the Marine Personnel Carrier Technology Demonstrator.


 Features and Benefits


Our military application transfer cases typically feature an aluminum housing for the lightest overall system weight, helping maximize vehicle payload carrying capacity and increasing survivability by supporting added weight from armor requirements.

Available in single-speed or two-speed configurations with ratios established as required, Meritor transfer cases provide the capability to achieve high top speed requirements while delivering maximum torque output on low range (two-speed option) for maximum vehicle mobility. The low-range torque is high enough to keep the torque converter locked in severe situations, reducing heat loads into the cooling system and improving efficiencies.

Other features include proportioning differentials for full-time all-wheel drive applications, front axle declutches for part-time all-wheel drive applications, power take-off options, high precision gearing, internal forced lubrication systems, and engage-on-the-fly technology.

Configurations are available as two-shaft, three-shaft or four-shaft, with case and covers designed per application to meet each vehicles unique torque requirements and driveline layouts. Parking brakes can be mounted to any shaft, and are available in drum or disc brakes.