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 Hydraulic Disc Brakes


As the first to market with a full range of air disc brakes to suit all applications, Meritor offers hydraulic disc brake calipers to meet the extreme demands of the military cycle and deliver improved durability and increased lining life over convention rail and pin slider calipers.

Our 4 x 64 mm and 4 x 70 mm four-piston Meritor Quadraulic disc brake calipers offer several performance and maintenance benefits. Designed to package with 19.5” and 22.5” wheel sizes, the calipers are compatible with anti-lock braking systems and existing hydraulic systems, resulting in better vehicle control and stability.


 Features and Benefits


The Meritor Quadraulic disc brake caliper is hard-mounted to the anchor plate offering a high-temperature piston boot compound, and full-coverage zinc plating. This minimizes the need to replace the caliper or anchor plate and eliminates scheduled maintenance.  

Fixed caliper design keeps brake hoses in place, minimizing the potential for hose damage during lining replacement.  

For simplified maintenance, lining changes require only the removal of the lining retention bolt (no swing of caliper).