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 Drum Brakes


Meritor is the worldwide braking leader in size and capability for the commercial and industrial vehicle industry, supplying more than two million brake assemblies per year. We are the only braking system manufacturer who can offer a complete portfolio of brakes – air disc, hydraulic disc, and air drum – as well as drums, discs and hubs. Additionally, we were the first to market with a full range or air disc brakes to suit all applications.  

Through StopMaster®, our family of wedge brakes for defense applications, Meritor offers self-adjusting brakes with outboard-mounted brake drums, delivering a combination of high performance with weight savings and low cost.


 Features and Benefits


Our StopMaster drum brakes features an air chamber with optional flange or screw mounting for increased flexibility while its integral automatic adjustment reduces maintenance cost.  

Floating brake shoes load the drum equally for enhanced drum life and optimized brake lining wear.