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 Front Axles


Meritor serves the needs of military fleets with performance-proven front axle products. We have been the axle supplier of choice for more than 50 years to the United States Army fleet of 2.5- and 5-ton vehicles. Our axle products have accumulated billions of miles in serving our warfighters' needs, and are built and validated to meet the extreme and demanding requirements of the military environment.

The extreme demands of the military duty cycle drove the custom design and engineering of the Meritor MX-23-810 front axle. The combat-proven unique bevel gear wheel-end reduction axles exceed the demanding requirements of the current Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) in all theaters of operation around the world. With more than 60,000 FMTVs currently in the U.S. Army fleet, the Meritor MX-23-810 front axles have accumulated more than two billion miles of service while demonstrating some of the highest reliability and readiness rates in the entire tactical wheeled vehicle fleet.

They offer optimum maneuverability and excellent ground clearance with weight ratings up to 23,000 lbs. MX-23-810 front axles are ideal for use in heavily armored tactical and combat wheeled vehicles to improve payload capability and mobility.


 Features and Benefits


The MX-23-810 axle features 35°-38° turn angle for excellent maneuverability and Meritor WABCO EX-225 air disc brakes; it is also fitted with anti-lock braking system-ready wheel ends with installed tooth wheel and sensor.

Stud-piloted wheel mounting can accommodate 10-stud x 11.25" or 10-stud x 335 mm B.C. wheels, and the straight cross tube allows for easy toe adjustment.

Optional features include limited-slip differential for maximum traction in slick conditions, and drum brakes.

All military axles are backed by our global aftermarket support.