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 Precision-Forged Gears


Net-Shaped Forged Gear Teeth

Meritor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision-forged gears. These net-shaped gear teeth offer significant advantages over cut-tooth gears such as:

  • Increased strength, longer life and improved power density
  • Improved quality, consistency and reliability
  • Modular feature flexibility

Meritor’s precision-forged gears are used in the majority of Class 5 through Class 8 commercial vehicles manufactured in North America and worldwide for a wide range of demanding applications, including:

  • On-highway linehaul
  • Bus and coach
  • Logging
  • Fire and emergency
  • Military
  • Construction, mining and many more vocational applications

With more than 100 years of commercial vehicle axle manufacturing expertise, Meritor is a proven gear solutions provider. By partnering with Meritor to manufacture precision-forged gears, your company will enjoy economies of scale and modular designs that are produced using our customized processes.

Manufacturing locations in Morristown, Tennessee, USA; Sao Paulo, 
Brazil and Lindesberg,

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • High-volume purchase of bar material cut to precision billet length
  • State-of-the-art controls on induction heating equipment
  • Mechanical and hydraulic forging presses
    • Size range: 1,000 tons to 4,000 tons
  • Fully internal and on-site heat treat
    • Carburize, quench and temper
  • Machining
    • Full CNC turning, broaching, shaping and hard turning in cellular and traditional layouts
    • Automation, including in-cell robotic deburring
  • Tooling
    • Manufactured in-house
    • Internal design and forging simulation
  • Materials
    • Various SBQ, including: 4140, 4120, 4184, etc.
  • Automated in-line inspection
Product Specifications
Bevel Gears Sizes
  • 2”-9” OD
  • Up to 13” high
  • Up to 50 lbs.
Forged Gear Quality
  • AGMA classes 9-8
  • DIN classes 8-9
Splines Internal or external
Tooth Profile Meritor proprietary,
or unconstrained