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Meritor’s work in Europe is an example of efficiency, performance and advanced engineering. We are one of the Continent's leading suppliers to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers of axles, suspensions and braking systems. Our facilities include manufacturing sites for drive axles and brakes as well as a network of distribution centers for aftermarket parts.

The Cwmbran, United Kingdom facility is Meritor's braking center of excellence. The site uses best-in-class technology to manufacture the ELSA line of air disc brakes that deliver longer component life, better performance and enhanced stopping power to global customers.

The Cameri, Italy facility is Meritor's center of axle research and development in Europe. Its large technical lab includes a hub-reduction dynamometer and efficiency testing equipment. Recent investments in the facility include a fully automated carrier assembly line and housing machining, hard-turning cells and fully automated gear-cutting.

The Lindesberg, Sweden facility has the company's most diversified manufacturing processes, ranging from precision forging to dressing axles. The plant's state-of-the-art equipment includes automated gear-cutting processes, laser-welding for carriers and single-hit forging.

The regional Aftermarket business, with headquarters in Switzerland, supports customers throughout the vehicle lifecycle. The Aftermarket, which has offices in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain, includes a recently acquired remanufacturing operations center in Vrchlaby, Czech Republic.

A joint venture with Ege Fren in Izmir, Turkey, manufactures disc and drum brakes.

A joint venture with Fonderie Vénissieux in Venissieux, France, produces cast axle housings.

By the numbers:

  • More than 2,200 employees
  • Thirteen sites
  • Eight production facilities, including two joint venture partnership facilities
  • Two major technical centers
  • One Aftermarket distribution center in Neuwied, Germany
  • Five administrative/functional/sales offices


  • Belgium
    • Liege - Remanufacturing, Aftermarket
  • Czech Republic
    • Vrchlaby - Remanufacturing, Aftermarket
  • France
    • Chartres - Administration
    • Venissieux - Joint Venture: Fonderie Vénissieux SAS – Production
  • Germany
    • Konstanz – Administration and sales
  • Italy
    • Cameri - Technical Center; production; headquarters, European axles
  • The Netherlands
    • Amsterdam - Administration, Information Services
  • Russia
    • Moscow - Sales
  • Spain
    • Barcelona - Administration
  • Sweden
    • Lindesberg - Production
  • Switzerland
    • Zurich – Headquarters, European Aftermarket
  • Turkey
    • Izmir - Joint Venture: Ege Fren Sanayii – Production
  • United Kingdom
    • Cwmbran - Technical Center; Production, headquarters, European brakes
    • Redditch – Remanufacturing, Aftermarket and administration


  • Drivetrain systems and components
  • Braking systems
  • Aftermarket products