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 Business Resource Group


Business resource groups are part of Meritor’s commitment to promoting a culture of inclusion, as well as a high-performing, diverse workforce that is reflective of the global marketplace.

These groups are supported by Meritor’s board of directors and championed by members of the executive management team.


 Women's Business Resource Group


Meritor’s Women’s Business Resource Group (WBRG) serves as a resource for Meritor employees and is a vital part of Meritor’s inclusion and diversity focus. The WBRG was launched in 2011 and now includes more than 300 active members globally.

WBRG’s mission is to advance and enhance Meritor’s business strategies by creating and sustaining an environment of inclusion that excels in career development, recruitment and retention of women at Meritor.

Through the WBRG, female employees gain leadership opportunities within teams, exposure to Meritor’s leadership and networking within Meritor and the commercial vehicle industry. Women also have opportunities to participate on cross-functional project teams and gain professional development through skill-building and mentoring sessions.


 African American Business Resource Group


Meritor recognizes that a diverse organization leads to increased creativity, innovation, continuous improvement and improved productivity. In support of these goals, Meritor’s African American Business Resource Group (AABRG) provides a framework that fosters the professional growth, development and value of African American employees, and serves as the primary resource on topics and initiatives which are important to African American employees.

AABRG establishes partnerships and builds relationships with universities, professional organizations and high schools to help recruit top African American talent. The AABRG assists African American employees in developing a rewarding career path at Meritor by identifying career enhancement strategies and linking development activities and investments to support the company’s overall strategies and goals.


 Veterans Business Resouce Group


The Veterans Business Resource Group (VBRG) identifies and aligns measurable actions that encourage veterans and active service members to draw upon their experiences and capabilities to contribute to Meritor’s success. Through mutual support and empowerment, the VBRG works to strengthen the Meritor brand by focusing on external programs and service partnerships, employee and family welfare, internal talent development and external recruiting.

The VBRG’s vision is to support active military personnel and their families while deployed and to honor veterans and cultivate partnerships among hourly and salaried employees to help support community initiatives. The group works to align Meritor’s veteran talent to support business initiatives and foster community and solidarity by connecting people and organizations in support of outreach, enablement and advocacy programs.