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As a premier global supplier of a broad range of integrated systems, modules and components to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket for the transportation and industrial sectors, Meritor has a large worldwide footprint. However, because we have always been committed to the principles of social responsibility, we have never forgotten the importance of a personal, local touch.

We firmly believe in the value of good corporate citizenship, a diverse and supportive work environment, investment in our local communities and a healthy planet. Work on these efforts is driven by a global vision, but must be done locally, with each act of caring, with each volunteer. While social responsibility is one of the company’s stated core values, it takes more than just words on paper to demonstrate a real commitment.

And that is where we excel, because our employees have taken the initiative to be the foundation of Meritor’s culture of giving through every level of our organization.

As you will see, we live the values we describe, starting from within the walls of our company and extending to every country where we do business. This is a business model to live by.


Krista Sohm

Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Meritor, Inc.